Jess Morrison started Performance Pilates in 2009, after completing her accredited Pilates training course (Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction in Sydney). She will guide you through tailored classes for general and Equestrian Pilates.


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Performance Pilates offers online, live stream and face to face small group and private lessons within the Macedon Ranges and online. Accessible and friendly, each class enables you to get more out of your body.


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Why Pilates?

Pilates is a whole body, strength and conditioning regime, which focuses on the activation of the core abdominal muscles. Pilates will teach you to properly and consistently engage your core to give you further range of movement.


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What people say

Good morning, Teach. Simon and I undertook Strong Bodies 2 this morning. Oh, boy: that abs set early on! Love the pace, and the stretching. I think I'm a few centimetres taller now. Another terrific class. Thank you.

Online classes client

It was just like being with you, your instructions are great and that's come from a long time teacher!

Online client

Jess at Performance Pilates is incredible. Her classes are such a highlight to my week. The way she explains how to properly do Pilates is nothing short of fantastic. She ensures that your technique is on point and that you're doing it properly every time. From the day I began her classes until now, I have come so far from flexibility to core strength and the ability to turn my stomach *on*. With all of this said, Jess happens to be a pretty amazing person too with an incredibly positive energy that's infectious. Highly highly recommend her.

Maxy R

I like Jess’s classes because each week is different, she offers options of intensity and she seems to have an extra mind-reading sense: the second a question pops into my head, Jess answers it, and whenever I think I might stop, Jess makes me laugh – so I forget to want to stop. I also find that Jess is aware of my personal fitness, so even though it’s a group class I get a targeted workout. And does every Pilates instructor take the time to give your back a stretch at the end of class? Jess does. It’s pretty ace.

Simone R

Jess is an amazing teacher and person. She takes the time to correct form and encourage personal improvement each week. My body and strength has changed since beginning one year ago, it has vastly improved my running and has created a love for pilates. Cannot recommend enough.

Annamieka R

I've been battling a ruptured disk in my lower spine for over a year now. After a few weeks with Jess, I'm pretty much back to normal. Couldn't recommend her classes highly enough!! Thanks Jess!

Alex S

I started Pilates classes with Jess mid-2016. Coming to her with a recently injured and arthritic knee I wasn't sure how it would work for me. Jess understood my limitations and worked with them but certainly didn't let me off the hook and didn't go easy on me. I felt very confident that my injuries weren't being exacerbated and, in fact, as other muscles strengthened it has assisted my recovery. Certainly, when I recently fractured my foot I was surprised at how able I was to participate in almost the entire class. Jess is a great Pilates instructor who knows exactly how far to push you and I have complete faith in her understanding of Pilates and of the body. It's nice to also have a bit of a laugh in her class. As a horse rider strengthening my core is so important for my balance and I love that jess can help me do that.

Kylie Y

I have taken pilates classes from a few studios over the years but none have lived up to the excellent techniques that Performance Pilates uses. Instructor Jess, is highly qualified and takes exceptional care with her participants in every class. Classes are extremely well priced especially given the small size of each group. The group sizes are intentionally small so that each student is monitored and assisted with being taught the correct way of each exercise. In the last year I have regularly attended classes, I have noticed a massive difference in my own mobility and my lower back pain is now (finally) under control. If you’re looking for a highly skilled instructor who provides a comfortable class environment, then I can’t recommend Performance Pilates to you enough.

Natalie A

Online Classes

Classes available for both Pilates and Equestrian Pilates sessions from beginner to advanced levels.


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Horse rider clinics

Our Horse Rider Intensive Pilates Clinics offer strength and condition exercises for riders.


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