Performance Pilates is excited to announce the commencement of horse rider intensive Pilates clinics These clinics provide riders with an in depth video analysis of their position, followed by specific exercises aimed at addressing the issues revealed in the footage. In addition, general advice regarding optimal activation of core muscles whilst riding, will also be given.

Horses are unable to overcome their rider’s limitations. Our job as riders is to be as harmonious and in sync with our horses as possible. This requires us to be extremely body aware, exceptionally strong and also to be balanced and symmetrical. The Pilates repertoire and further specific strength and conditioning exercises are guaranteed to improve your position in the saddle and to make you feel more connected to your horse.

Jess has an excellent technical eye. She can assess your position and simultaneously devise exercises to improve it. She is highly qualified, has a wealth of experience as an athlete and coach and is an extremely effective communicator. She very much looks forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your riding goals.

Contact Jess for more information